Our licensed massage therapists using traditional Asian massage methods from Acupressure Point, Thai Stretch and Back Walking skills to European Aromatherapy, Swedish, Hot Stones and Deep Tissues to accommodate our clients need.

Our strong belief is to combine both of our experienced therapists with the natural ingredients used in our spa treatment on our King and Queen body to deliver optima luxury result.



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Appointment Policy

This is a request for appointment. All appointments will be confirmed by sap, normally with 60 to 90 minutes during business hour.
We try our best to schedule everyone’s preferred appointment time. It is important to be punctual and considerate towards other patrons. To this effect, we have a 10 minutes late policy. If you are late for more than 10 minutes, you can choose either to continue your remaining appointment time and your session will be shortened by the minutes you were late or you can reschedule your appointment. For example, for a 60 minutes massage session where the patron is 11 minutes late; only 49 minutes will be left remaining in the session.
If you are late, please give us a call.